Building trust with Tiny Steppers


Hello! My name is Matt and I would like to welcome you to the first ever Tiny Steppers blog. Let's kick things off by talking a little about what the heck Tiny Steppers are, and what exactly their purpose is. Initially, the idea was that Tiny Steppers were going to be a walking assistant for toddlers who have a standing reflex, but have not starting walking yet. Just a fun, cute way to walk your toddler on top of your feet with their feet lightly held in place to keep them from slipping off. After a few sessions with our daughter (who was 6 months at the time), my wife and I realized there was much more to Tiny Steppers than just the motion of walking, we were building trust while bonding with our toddler.

One of the most important things you can do as parent is to start building trust with your toddler at a very young age. By developing a strong bond with your child, you will earn the toddlers trust organically. Tiny Steppers uses a duel technique of bonding and earning trust with your toddler by having them take steps as you take steps, and by giving them added security knowing their hands are safely being held by yours. As with anything you do with your toddler, the more you do it, the more trust you build with your toddler. There’s no better feeling than knowing YOU have built a strong bond with your toddler.

Here at Tiny Steppers we do not want people to be under the misconception that our product is a walking assistant, or that Tiny Steppers will teach your toddler to walk. We will go as far as to say Tiny Steppers will teach the MOTION of walking, which may or may not actually get your toddler so sure on their feet that they end up on the Mickey Mouse Club. The important thing is having fun, easy to use activities to do with your toddler that will build trust and help develop a bond that will stick with them through childhood, and as many parents are learning, Tiny Steppers can be one of those activities.

Thank you for reading. More blog posts coming soon!