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About Us

Hello! We're Rachael and Matt, about a year ago we gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Isla. Like most parents, we love playing around with all the baby products out there, but couldn't find a product to encourage walking while also giving the security of having Mom or Dad to hold onto. This gave way to the idea of Tiny Steppers®. 

Tiny Steppers® turned out to be a simple, fun, and effective way of bonding with our little one, while teaching the motion of walking. We, and of course Isla, had so much fun with this concept that we thought it would be nice to share it with other parents. The material we use is child safe and made right here in the USA, just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We're confident that you will enjoy our product as much as we have and look forward to getting a few pairs out there! 

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to shoot us an email at

Great product that's easy to use.


I am a pediatric physical therapist and was immediately intrigued!


Really clever and fun. Our son cracks up everytime we use them!